Tomato Paste

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Cold Break tomato paste is popular in EU and Asia market, and suitable for ketchup, juice, mayonnaise and other downstream tomato paste since it is fresh red color, special flavor.
Specifications: tomato paste 28/30 cold break
Packing: in aseptic bag in iron drums of about 235kg net each, 4drums on one pallet, 80drums in one 20Feet container.
Physical character: Red or dark red color uniform, thick and consistent paste without any separation, typical tomato paste odor and no off-flavors
Chemical character:
PH:4.0-4.4, BOSTWICK:6-9CM(at12.5brix and 20℃), AB: 2.1min.(HunterLab)
Lycopene: 50mg/100g min., Acidity(citric acid): 7.5%max. HMC: 50%
Shelf life: 24months from the production date
Storage: in dry and cool place, without direct sunshineTomato Paste

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