HPS Light Fixture manufacturers

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Light Fixture Dimension:
Light Source Descriptions
Light SourceHPS
Lighting Efficiency90lm/w108lm/w113lm/w133lm/w
Using Life20000h24000h28000h32000h
Color Temperature2000K
Color Index(CRI)Ra>=75
Total HarmonicDistortio(THD)2.7%
Appliance ConfigurationBallast+ Triggers+ Compensation Capacitor
Enameled Material for ballastcopper
Power Factor0.95
Input Voltage110v-240v/50-60HZ
Input Current1.04-2.73A
Ignite Voltage3kv max
Ignite Time2s max
Comprehensive ProtectionShort-circuit/open-circuit/over-heat
Electronic Protect DegreeClass I
Warranty1 year
Housing and Reflector
Housing MaterialDie-casting Aluminum
Process of Housing SurfaceElectrostatic Spraying
Reflector MaterialPure Aluminum, 0.2mm
Process of ReflectorAnode Oxidation, Embossing Process
AccessoriesGalvanized iron nuts and screws, stainless steel hasp
1.0mm square copper wire connected with housing
Sealing TreatmentHeat-resistant silicon rubber seal ring and silicon gel
Ambient Temperature-30℃-+60℃
IP GradeIP 65
Installation Diameters48/60mm
Warranty5 years
CertificationCE, CCC, FCC, UL, CUL, RoHS
1. High-pressure aluminum die-casting body, high-intensity resistant tempered glass and electrostatic spraying surface ensures the housing water-proof, dust-proof performance.
2. Reflector made of high-purity, aluminum provides excellent reflection optical properties.
3. Electrolyte capacitance is able to bear high temperature (105℃) and high voltage (450V) and both ballast and light source are installed separately which is good for cooling.
4. Wide voltage (120-277V, 12/24VDC) and power (40W-400W) range, no flicker.HPS Light Fixture manufacturers

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